Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Afon Ystwyth Shingle

A trip to the Ystwyth Shingle did not turn up any of the known rarities but Bembidion tibiale was abundant under stones on the upper shingle long with singles of Bembidion tetracolum and Paranchus albipes and two hibernating Silpha atrata under gorse bark on the heath.   

Bembidion tibiale, aedeagus, SN695717, Feb 2016

Friday, 12 June 2015

Llyn Pendam

Sweeping verges at dusk yielded a few beetles and provided an opportunity to use a new online key and make a second attempt at photographing a small beetle...

Epuraea (prob.) aestiva, female,
swept from acid grass / heath at dusk, SN 709 838

In conclusion I probably need a better set-up.
SN 709 838

Plas Penglais saproxylics on Sycamore

This spring's first entomological foray happened quite by accident at the end of April as I passed some warm looking Sycamore logs in the Vice-chancellors garden at Plas Penglais. Pulling off some bark revealed a range of beetles which kept me busy setting and identifying for a few weeks.

Acer pseudoplatanus,
logs, Plas Penglais

A few of the bi-coloured, leiodid beetle Agathidium nigripenne were crawling around looking shiny. When flattened and set they appeared quite different. They keyed nicely to A. nigripenne in Duff (2014) and the adegus agreed to the illustration. 

Agathidium nigripenne, male from Acer pseudoplatanus logs,
Plas Penglais

Agathidium nigripenne, male
from Acer pseudoplatanus logs,
Plas Penglais

Other species which I did manage to identify but which didn't end up as well mounted and so weren't photographed were numerous Siagonium quadricorne, a single Glischrochilus quadriguttatus, Ocys harpaloides, many Rhizophagus bipustulatus & Cerylon histeroides